October 11, 2023

Audience Ascendancy Series: Achieving Remarkable Results with Consumer Purchase Audiences [Part 2 of 4]

Achieving Remarkable Results with Consumer Purchase Audiences

By Ken Barbieri, SVP, Business Development, Affinity Solutions

In the previous installment of our Audience Ascendancy Series, we embarked on a journey unveiling the power of Consumer Purchase Audiences. Now, let’s deep dive into a real-world scenario, showcasing how this innovation can be the game-changer in a marketer’s toolkit.

The Challenge: The Quest to Connect with Recent International Travelers

Our client, a forward-thinking advertiser, sought to connect with individuals who had recently embarked on international trips within the last 30-90 days but faced a significant challenge. Despite their best efforts, they encountered high costs per acquisition (CPAs), while using conventional behavioral and keyword targeting strategies on social channels, targeting people who are actively planning or searching about international travel.

The Affinity Approach: Precision-Targeting with Consumer Purchase Audiences

In their quest for a more effective and cost-efficient solution, our client turned to Affinity’s Consumer Purchase Audiences. In response, we crafted a bespoke audience segment comprised of individuals who had made international travel purchases within the last 60 days. This precision-driven strategy aimed to directly engage with a highly relevant audience.

The Outcome: Unprecedented Reduction in Cost Per Acquisition

The head-to-head test between Affinity’s Consumer Purchase Audiences and third-party behavioral segments yielded remarkable results:

  • 6 – 7x Lower Cost Per Acquisition: Compared to Google’s keyword and behavioral segments, our Consumer Purchase Audiences achieved a staggering six-to-seven-time reduction in the cost per acquisition. This translates to a significantly more cost-effective approach to reaching the desired audience.

This outcome not only saved our client substantial advertising costs but also allowed them to allocate their budget more efficiently, resulting in a higher return on investment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Precise Targeting Matters: Affinity’s ability to create a custom audience segment based on recent international travel purchases demonstrated the power of precise targeting. By reaching individuals with a demonstrated interest in international travel, our client drastically improved campaign effectiveness.
  • Cost-Efficiency Is Paramount: In a competitive advertising landscape, reducing CPAs is crucial for success. Affinity’s Consumer Purchase Audiences not only lowered CPAs but did so significantly, showcasing the potential for advertisers to achieve more with less.
  • Third-Party Comparison: The head-to-head comparison with third-party behavioral segments, particularly Google’s, underscores the superiority of Affinity’s solutions in delivering cost-effective advertising results.

In Conclusion: Empowering Your Advertising Strategies

This case study exemplifies how Affinity’s Consumer Purchase Audiences can transform advertising campaigns by offering unparalleled precision and cost-efficiency. Our client’s success in reducing CPAs by 6 to 7 times compared to Google’s segments highlights the potential for marketers to achieve outstanding results with our targeted solutions.

If you’re facing similar challenges or seeking to enhance the efficiency of your advertising efforts, consider leveraging Affinity’s expertise in consumer purchase insights or our Seasonal Consumer Purchase Audiences to unlock your campaign’s full potential.

Stay tuned for the next chapter in our Audience Ascendancy Series: Elevating Engagement with Consumer Purchase Audiences in Niche Markets.

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