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Measure the Sales
Impact of Your Marketing

Directly connect your media campaigns to the metric
that matters most – consumer purchase.

Validate ROI with Purchases, Not Proxies

Craft custom views of your campaign sales performance with Affinity’s sales lift tool to get the insights most relevant to your needs

Spend Rate

Average spend per exposed ID

Shop Rate

Unique shoppers per exposed IDs

Purchase Rate

Transactions per unique shopper

Purchase Size

Average spend per transaction

Spend per Shopper

Average spend per unique shopper

How Our Consumer Purchase Data
Measures Sales Lift


Media exposure file is matched to Affinity purchase data


Spend and conversion lift is calculated and compared to a control group


Marketing budgets can be redirected to highest performing offers or tactics

Why Leading Brands Trust Affinity’s
Consumer Purchase Lift

Complete Coverage

Purchase data is captured across all spend categories, channels, geographies, and demographics

Deeper Insights

A range of spend lift metrics provide insights into consumer behavior and competitors

Near Real-Time Results

Measurement results are updated daily and available 24/7

Improve Marketing Impact Measurement Accuracy

Group 210

How We’ve Made an Impact


Mattress Firm partnered with Affinity Solutions to validate incremental sales impact driven from podcast media investments on iHeartPodcasts. The main objective was to determine if digital audio leads to purchases at brick-and-mortar locations to justify continued spend.


Mattress Firm featured a custom podcast called “Chasing Sleep,” created in partnership with the Spark Foundry Content team and iHeartMedia’s Ruby Studio.

iHeartMedia partnered with Affinity Solutions to measure sales outcomes over a three-month campaign period that was based on this custom audio content.   How it works :

1. Media exposure file is matched to Affinity purchase data
2. Spend and conversion lift is calculated and compared to a representative, non-biased control group
3. Campaign cost data enables the calculation of incremental sales and return on ad spend (ROAS)


Lift in Incremental Sales

Return on Ad Spend


iHeart Transparent

Brian Kaminsky, Chief Data Officer

“By partnering with Affinity to measure the impact of Mattress Firm’s digital audio advertising, particularly on their bottom line, we were able to demonstrate the power of the brand’s partnership with iHeart to drive sales and strong ROI.  We also gained insights to optimize campaign performance that we are already applying.​”

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