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Purchase Data Are at Core of Outcome-Based Marketing

Affinity Chief Business & Marketing Officer Damian Garbaccio is featured on BeetTV – Measuring business outcomes is a key part of helping marketers to understand the effectiveness of their advertising and promotional efforts. Purchase data from banks and consumers who have opted in to share the information are a valuable resource in these metrics.


Tap The Power Of Purchase Media Metrics

Affinity Solutions Launches A New Insights Platform That Allows Marketers To Tap The Power Of Purchase Media Metrics To Measure Success


Press Release: Affinity Launches Comet

Affinity Solutions Launches a New Insights Platform That Allows Marketers to Tap the Power of Purchase Media Metrics to Measure Success

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Affinity Solutions Improves Campaign Planning In Time For Upfronts

Outcomes-based measurement provider Affinity Solutions announced a new consumer insights platform called Comet, which allows buyers to create custom audience segments by combining purchase and viewing data.


Introducing Comet™ by Affinity Solutions

Affinity Solutions launches Comet™, a new intelligence platform that allows marketers to tap the power of purchase media metrics to measure success.

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Affinity Solutions CEO: How Purchase Data Can Fuel The Media Ecosystem

If any data can help truly attribute the effectiveness of media spend, it is consumer spending data. But purchase data isn’t only useful for closing the loop. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jonathan Silver, Founder & CEO, Affinity Solutions, explains how his company is providing purchase data for a range of use cases.

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Affinity Solutions Launches a New Insights Platform

Affinity Solutions (Affinity), the leading consumer purchase insights company, today announced the launch of CometTM, a powerful intelligence platform that uses consumer purchase signals as the definitive source of truth for marketing outcomes.


Despite high inflation, Americans are spending like crazy — and it’s kind of puzzling

Despite High Inflation, Americans are Spending Like Crazy! Affinity Solutions CEO Jonathan Silver shares his thoughts around this puzzling dynamic in NPR’s latest article on inflation and consumer spending.

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The 2023 Consumer: Back to the Future

Much has been speculated about the enduring impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on consumers’ behavior. Using data from Affinity Solutions Consumer Purchase Insights, National Retail Federation examined how, once certain underlying factors receded, consumers reset to their typical, pre-pandemic habits and preferences.

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