Consumer Purchase Insights

Turn Insights
Into Influence

Gain a deeper understanding of your audience, sharpen your
competitive edge, and ensure the long-term health of your business.

Get Actionable Insights On
Consumers and Competitors

Our data enables marketers, media, consultants, and financial services to turn consumer insights into strategies that drive market share and revenue growth.

  • Market Share
  • Cross-Shop
  • New to Brand
  • Churn
  • Loyalty
  • RFM
  • Brand Overlap

Break down competitive share 
of spend by brand, geographic region, and more.

  • What is my current market share?
  • How is my market share changing over time?
  • Why do we have stronger share in certain markets?

Discover where else your customers shop and how their shopping overlaps with other brands.

  • Where else are my customers shopping?
  • How likely are my customers to shop at other brands?
  • How much are my customers spending at competitors?

Calculate the impact of new customer acquisition over time.

  • How am I doing at attracting new customers to my brand? 
  • How much revenue do new customers account for each month? 
  • What is the bottom-line impact of a decrease in new customers? 

Assess what causes customers to churn to improve retention.

  • What is happening with churn for my brand?  
  • How does churn vary by audience and/or geography? 
  • What can I do to reduce churn? 

Understand where your brand sits with category loyalists, switchers, and more.

  • Where does my brand stand in the category? 
  • How am I doing with loyalists vs. switchers? 
  • Where is there headroom to grow brand loyalty? 

Segment your customers from high to low based on recency/frequency of purchase and total spend.

  • How recently have customers shopped with my brand?
  • How many annual transactions have my customers made?
  • How much do customers spend with my brand? 

Understand how your customers overlap with other brands to understand shared customers.

  • How do my shoppers overlap with other brands and to what extent? 
  • What are the best opportunities for partnerships? 
  • How big is my overlap with competitor X? 

Why Leading Brands Trust Affinity’s
Consumer Purchase Insights


Purchase data is received daily from financial partners


First and third-party data can be matched to purchase data for deeper insights


Bank partners and their customers have given consent to use their data for insights

by Design

We don’t compromise on privacy or security. Our data is seamlessly integrated with advanced clean room technology to minimize risk and protect consumer privacy. Always anonymous, always trustworthy, always safe.

Streamlined Privacy-Safe Access to Data and Purchase Insights Without Friction via Snowflake

Discover the depths of insights available through our FREE Snowflake Marketplace listings


Select from a curated repository of vetted, ready-to-query templates designed to drive business visibility and impact.


Create your query with custom inputs to get exactly the purchase data insights designed to solve your exact business needs.


Map syndicated or Custom queries of Affinity purchase data directly onto existing brand data for enrichment and insights.



Neej Gore, President Data Cloud Division, Zeta Global

“Affinity’s ingredients in our overall solutions, from audience generation, to data visualization, helps CMOs really understand what’s happening in the market with consumer behavior and make critical decisions about their business.”

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