October 19, 2023

Audience Ascendancy Series: Elevate Engagement with Consumer Purchase Audiences in Niche Markets [Part 3 of 4]

Elevate Engagement with Consumer Purchase Audiences in Niche Markets

By Ken Barbieri, SVP, Business Development, Affinity Solutions

We’ve journeyed through the Audience Ascendancy Series, unveiling the magic of Consumer Purchase Audiences and showcasing how they achieve remarkable results. Today, let’s soar into another dimension – the dynamic skies of the airline industry, where engagement is the golden ticket to brand ascendancy.

In the dynamic world of the airline industry, where competition soars, engagement becomes the currency that propels brands to new heights. A prominent US-based airline found itself in the midst of this challenge, seeking to heighten engagement across five pivotal markets. Their mission: capture the attention of four distinct audience segments – At-Risk, Conquestable, Core, and Dreamers.

The Challenge: Navigating Engagement in Key Markets

Engaging customers within a fiercely competitive landscape is akin to navigating a turbulence-filled sky. Our client, a leading US-based airline, understood this challenge all too well. Their goal was clear: not just to engage, but to captivate audiences across five critical markets. With a focus on four distinct audience segments – At-Risk, Conquestable, Core, and Dreamers – their journey was set to reshape the landscape of audience engagement.

The Affinity Approach: Crafting Precision with Consumer Purchase Audiences

To navigate these turbulent skies of engagement, our client sought a strategic partner with profound insights. That partner was Affinity Solutions, a trailblazer in consumer purchase insights. Our solution? Harnessing the power of Consumer Purchase Audiences. Crafted meticulously, these custom segments were designed based on purchase frequency, allowing us to target audiences with unparalleled precision. Seamlessly integrating these segments with Affinity’s exceptional geo-targeting capabilities ensured that engagement was finely calibrated for niche audiences.

The Outcome: Soaring Engagement and Exceptional Performance

The strategic implementation of Consumer Purchase Audiences yielded results that soared beyond expectations:

  • 80% Video Completion Rate: Our approach delivered an astonishing VCR that not only surpassed the industry benchmark of 70% but also served as a testament to the captivating power of data-driven engagement.
  • 16% Click Through Rate Across Four Audiences: Our impressive CTR left industry benchmarks (11%) trailing in the wake of our data-driven excellence.

Key Takeaways: The Path to Audience Engagement Excellence

  1. Pinpoint Precision in Targeting: Affinity’s Consumer Purchase Audiences served as the guiding star for our client’s engagement strategy, enabling the airline to connect effectively with niche audiences and provide tailored content.
  2. Exceeding Industry Norms: Our 80% VCR and 16% CTR showcased the superiority of our data-driven approach, soaring beyond industry benchmarks and setting a new standard for engagement excellence.
  3. Geo-Targeting for Strategic Impact: The fusion of custom audience segments with Affinity’s geo-targeting prowess elevated the airline’s engagement efforts, making each interaction meaningful and impactful.

In Conclusion: Elevating Engagement Beyond Limits

This case study exemplifies the transformative power of Affinity’s Consumer Purchase Audiences, demonstrating how they drive engagement to new heights and redefine industry standards. With an 80% Video Completion Rate and a 16% Click Through Rate, our data-driven approach empowers brands to not only capture niche audiences but to hold their attention and inspire remarkable results.

If you’re determined to exceed industry benchmarks and propel your audience engagement to unparalleled heights, Affinity’s Consumer Purchase Audiences are the trailhead to precision targeting and unparalleled outcomes. Leverage them in your holiday campaigns today.

Stay tuned for the next chapter in our Audience Ascendancy Series: Mastering Video Engagement with Consumer Purchase Audiences

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