Make Your
Marketing Work
Smarter, Not Harder

Comet™ by Affinity Solutions is the first intelligence platform that uses consumer purchase and media consumption data as the definitive source of truth for marketing performance.

What Makes Comet™ Different?

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Transform All Marketing
Into Performance Marketing

To reach consumers in today’s fractured media landscape, performance marketing isn’t a nice-to-have – it’s a must-have. With Comet™, upgrade your marketing into a high-performance machine that engages your target audience with unmatched precision, and uses revenue growth as the true measure of success.

See the Complete
View of Your Audience

Knowing more about your consumer is a win-win scenario — they get ads that resonate, and you get conversions. That’s why we enrich our datasets with geolocation, demographic, and lifestyle variables to give you the most comprehensive understanding of consumers: who they are and how they spend, across categories, competitors, and geographies.

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by Design

We don’t compromise on privacy or security. Our data is seamlessly integrated with advanced clean room technology to minimize risk and protect consumer privacy. Anonymized to protect privacy our data is always trustworthy, always safe.

Hit Your Target With
Real-Time Data

Your audience is a constantly moving target — you need data that shows who and where they are now – not yesterday. Comet™ is the only intelligence platform with rich datasets that are updated every day, in near real-time, allowing you build made-for-the-moment campaigns that extract the most value of your marketing dollars.

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Make Decisions
With Confidence

Comet™ doesn’t just optimize campaigns– it can help you make smarter decisions across your entire business. Gain a deeper understanding of market opportunities, see where else your customers are shopping, assess overall brand health, and more.

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