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Purchase Media Metrics (PMM™)

Commit With Confidence

A new media metric that enables marketers to
tie media exposure to consumer purchase.

Combine media exposure
and consumer purchase
data for accurate attribution

Legacy metrics like views and foot traffic don’t allow businesses to measure the outcomes of their top-of-funnel media investments. PMM™ creates a unified metric to accurately measure performance.

A Venn Diagram comparing what people watch and watch people buy

Target Brands, Categories and Lifestyle Segments

Using purchase-based audience targeting, increase conversions, acquire new customers, reduce customer churn, and more.

Conquest Competitors’ Customers

Use brand segments to target your ads to buyers of named competitors

Personalize Offers

Use category segments to personalize offers based on individual purchase history

Promote Your Products

Use lifestyle segments to market your products to audiences with relevant lifestyles

Win Back Lapsed Customers

Create a custom segment of your customers who have become less active

PMM™ Maps Media Viewership to
Purchase Data to Drive Key Outcomes

Increase Wallet Share

Grow the dollar amount spent with your brand vs competitive brands in the same category

Gain Market Share

Maximize media output to capture a larger share of the market

Improve Efficiency

Fine-tune media campaigns leveraging actual customer behaviors

How It Works


Consumer Purchase Insights

Who buys what: consumer purchase data from billions of card transactions across thousands of brands.


Media Viewership Data

Who watches what, when and how: TV viewership data across thousands of programs.


Clean Room Match

Data includes ID information allowing Affinity to securely match tv viewership to purchase data



Data is plugged into Comet™ for computation of media metric


Purchase Media Metrics

PMM indicates the presence and spending level of buyers for a given program to directly measure the efficacy of your advertising


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Clarissa Season, Chief Experience Officer, Annalect

“Our partnership with Affinity has driven great value in support of our commitment to empower our teams to orchestrate better outcomes for our clients. Affinity’s Purchase Media Metrics represent a significant step forward in television measurement and accountability.”

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