April 18, 2023

Introducing Comet™ by Affinity Solutions

Affinity Solutions Launches a New Insights Platform That Allows Marketers to Tap the Power of Purchase Media Metrics to Measure Success

CometTM Boosts Business Outcomes Powered by the Largest Deterministic Dataset of U.S. Consumer Spending

NEW YORK, April 18, 2023 — Affinity Solutions (Affinity), the leading consumer purchase data company, today announced the launch of Comet™, a powerful intelligence platform that uses consumer purchase signals as the definitive source of proof for marketing outcomes.

As the first platform of its kind, Comet™ delivers real innovation within the evolving media measurement space through commerce-focused metrics and solutions that surface a complete view of consumer spending to inform investment decisions that drive market share and revenue growth. This innovation is fueled by Purchase Media Metrics (PMMTM) – a new set of media metrics that enable marketers to directly tie media exposure to consumer purchases.

Outcomes-based marketing plans are proven to significantly outperform reach-based strategies improving return on ad spend (ROAS) by as much as 50%. Comet™ users are able to drive the next generation of outcomes marketing through access to the powerful insights the platform generates from fully-permissioned, real-time, credit and debit card purchases at scale so marketers can plan, activate, and measure with greater confidence.

“Marketing comes with high expectations, yet billions are still invested based on legacy proxy metrics like views and foot traffic without a concrete understanding of business performance,” said Damian Garbaccio, Chief Business & Marketing Officer, Affinity Solutions. “True outcomes-based metrics that directly connect advertising to commerce at scale haven’t existed to date. PMMTM is the next evolution of measurement, finally allowing marketers to move from reliance on proxies to purchase for proof of performance.”

Affinity partners with leading brands, agencies, TV networks, measurement and adtech platforms and consultancies. Comet™ is designed to help them:

  • Gain a complete, granular view of customer and prospect spending, across and between brands and categories.
  • Optimize media investments based on the presence of buyers and level of spend by publisher, program, daypart and more.
  • Increase ROAS by reaching known buyers through access to targeted purchase-based audiences.
  • Validate the incremental revenue impact generated by media campaigns.

One of Affinity’s top partners is Annalect, the data and analytics division of Omnicom Group.

“Our partnership with Affinity has driven great value in support of our commitment to empower our teams to orchestrate better outcomes for our clients,” said Clarissa Season, Chief Experience Officer, Annalect. “Affinity’s Purchase Media Metrics represent a significant step forward in television measurement and accountability.”

Continued Garbaccio, “There is no reason why investing your media dollars should feel like a roll of the dice. Marketers need a direct line of sight into the outcome that matters most: consumer purchase. It’s crystal clear – by tapping into our purchase-led intelligence, marketers can drive better business results.”

To discover how to turn on the power of Comet™ to drive your outcomes, please visit our Comet™ page.

About Affinity Solutions

Affinity Solutions (Affinity) is the leading consumer purchase insights company. We provide a comprehensive view of U.S. consumer spending, across and between brands, via exclusive access to fully permissioned data from over 140 million debit and credit cards. This data is transformed into actionable insights for marketers, consultancies, and financial services companies to drive market share and revenue growth. Affinity powers Comet™, a powerful data-led intelligence platform that enables marketers to effortlessly plan, activate, and measure media to purchase-based outcomes.

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