March 01, 2024

Using Instant Consumer Purchase Data to Achieve Market Leadership

Leveraging Real-Time Consumer Purchase Insights for Market Dominance

By Nicole Julien, Associate Director of Demand Generation

The quest for market share dominance in retail increasingly hinges on an in-depth understanding of consumer behavior. Jonathan Silver, CEO of Affinity Solutions, recently joined an eMarketer podcast where he highlighted the transformative power of real-time data in achieving this goal. This blog post recaps the conversation on how Consumer Purchase Insights data goes beyond traditional retail boundaries by offering enhanced visibility into consumer activities. Giving retailers the perspective they need to make data-driven decisions.

Unveiling Consumer Behavior with Real-Time Data

At the core of our strategy is leveraging real-time, deterministic data to inform business strategies in complex marketplace dynamics. This approach enables retailers and brands to broaden their understanding of consumer behavior, offering insights beyond their operations. By analyzing 140 million debit and credit card transactions, we provide a detailed look at spending patterns, revealing where customers shop, how brands compare to competitors, and what influences loyalty or churn. These daily insights transcend the scope of traditional data sources and grant them a competitive edge.

Redefining Competitive Landscape Through Data

Gaining a comprehensive understanding of the competitive landscape extends beyond analyzing first-party data; it requires an “outside-in” perspective. Silver illuminated this point on the podcast with a compelling case study drawn from Affinity Solutions’ insights. In the example, a notable quick-service restaurant chain utilized our data to uncover that its market share erosion was not at the hands of its presumed direct competitor, but rather to a brand from an entirely different category. This discovery prompted strategic menu updates and targeted marketing initiatives, highlighting the value of accurate data in revealing unseen competitive dynamics and shaping effective strategies.

Marketing with Data-Driven Precision

Treating data as a strategic roadmap revolutionizes how retailers target their audience, moving beyond broad marketing approaches to achieve precise engagement. This method significantly increases the likelihood of realizing meaningful returns on marketing investments. With Consumer Purchase Insights, retailers gain a deep understanding of the competitive environment and consumer shopping patterns segmented by key demographics. This granular insight allows retailers to tailor experiences and make informed decisions, opening previously inaccessible market opportunities.


At Affinity Solutions we champion the idea that comprehensive visibility into consumer and prospective customer activities outside traditional scopes is crucial for retailers and brands. Our approach to data analysis challenges outdated perspectives on competition and consumer behavior and equips retailers with the tools for precision marketing. In a retail environment that’s rapidly changing, the ability to swiftly adapt using detailed, timely insights isn’t merely beneficial—it’s imperative for sustained growth and customer satisfaction.

Listen to the full podcast: The Daily: The Future of Real-Time Insights, Consumer Confidence, and the 2024 Cookieless Future

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