October 03, 2023

Affinity Partners with Snowflake to Securely Share Data About Consumer Purchasing Behavior

During the course of its history as a banking services provider, Affinity Solutions has developed a massive database of consumer debit and credit card transactions. Today, it uses that data to create anonymized data products used by all types of businesses looking to develop marketing campaigns driven by consumer purchasing behavior.

In this episode of “Powered by Snowflake,” Mike Biamonte, Chief Product Officer at Affinity Solutions, chats with host Daniel Myers about how Snowflake’s unique capabilities make it possible for Affinity to provide its service without compromising consumer privacy.

00:00 – What Does Affinity Solutions Do?
01:00 – How Does Snowflake Fit Into Affinity’s Platform For Monetizing Consumer Purchase Behavior Data?
01:35 – The Advantage of Customers Having This Data in Their Own Snowflake Account
02:25 – An Architectural Diagram of the Affinity Solution
03:26 – The Reasons Affinity is Using Snowflake Native Applications as its Delivery Mechanism
04:19 – A Demo of the Affinity Solution
08:10 – Using Snowsight
08:28 – Sharing Data While Maintaining Data Privacy
08:55 – Snowflake Features That Have Been Particularly Important
09:47 – What’s Next for Affinity?
10:42 – Where to Get More Information


(premiered September 28, 2023)

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