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Introducing the Retail Monitor – The New Gold Standard of Retail Sales Trends

CNBC, NRF, and Affinity Solutions have formed a groundbreaking partnership to launch an unprecedented monthly measure of retail sales activity across all sectors.

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Samba TV + Affinity Solutions

Samba TV Announces Exclusive Integration of Affinity Solutions’ Deterministic Purchase Media Metrics to Usher in the Next Generation of Advertising Measurement and Activation.

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New Infographic: Travel Trends Take Flight

Our new infographic takes you on a journey into the heart of American wanderlust, where data derived from our advanced data analytics capabilities transforms into a constellation of insights.


Explore Comet™

An innovative consumer purchase insights platform that allows marketers to tap the power of Purchase Media Metrics (PMM™) to measure media success.

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The Largest Deterministic
U.S. Consumer Purchase Dataset

Our exclusive data reveals daily spending behaviors
across brands, categories, geographies, and channels. 

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Draw a Straight Line from Campaign to Conversion

Media investments shouldn’t feel like a gamble. Comet™ by Affinity Solutions enables marketers to effortlessly plan, activate and measure with total confidence by linking campaigns to the only outcome that truly matters: consumer purchase.

Unparalleled Scale

See every transaction from more than 140 million credit and debit cards, signaling exactly how consumers are spending.

Real-Time Insights 

Hit the bullseye of your target audience with data that’s updated daily to give you the most accurate reading of what consumers are doing now.

Enriched Audiences

Go beyond surface-level proxies and dive deep into consumer data enriched with geographic, demographic, and lifestyle variables.


Make smarter business decisions using data-driven intelligence on market share, brand health, customer loyalty, and more.  


Minimize risk and maximize trust, knowing that all data is anonymized and grounded in consumer permission.

The Trusted Source of Truth for 500+ Global Companies.


Connect the Dots between
Campaigns and Conversions

For marketers and media agencies, Affinity Solutions helps maximize marketing investments by tapping into the largest dataset of U.S. consumer spending.


Gain Actionable
Market Insights

For leading consultants, Affinity Solutions unlocks a deeper understanding of audiences and markets to fuel revenue-driving growth strategies.

Financial Services

Create Powerful Cardholder
Loyalty Experiences

For banks and other financial institutions, Affinity Solutions helps increase market share and boost customer loyalty through personalized, engaging card-linked offers.

The Latest from Affinity


Game-Changing Monthly Retail Monitor Announced by CNBC, NRF and Affinity Solutions

The National Retail Federation (NRF) and CNBC today announced the launch of their new monthly “CNBC/NRF Retail Monitor,” powered by Affinity Solutions, and the release of October 2023 retail sales data.

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Affinity Solutions’ Sean Welsh shares his expert insights on the Banking and Payments Show

Sean Welsh from Affinity Solutions, Rob Rubin, and Tiffani Montez from Insider Intelligence reveal the keys to unlocking the full potential of data and technology in the Financial Services Industry during the unprecedented Age of Consumer Choice.


Mastering Video Engagement with Consumer Purchase Audiences [Part 4 of 4]

In a world where competition rages and attention spans wane, the mission was crystal clear: raise video completion rates to unparalleled levels. Our client was committed to ensuring that their video content caught the eye and held the viewer’s attention till the very last frame.

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