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Portfolio insights and analytics_new (2).jpg

Our Shopper Insights see through walls and around corners.


Our Shopper Insights see through walls and around corners.

Shopper Insights

Affinity empowers Marketers, their agencies, and publishing partners to overcome marketing’s greatest challenges with solutions to help brands:

Accurately identify 
opportunities to grow share of wallet

Gain actionable insights that inform channel and real estate investments

Benchmark your brand against named competitors on penetration and spend metrics

Drive maximum ROI and business value in 
media buys

What sets us apart

Purchase Data

First party credit and debit transactions received daily.


We provide vital stats – shoppers, transactions, and spend – with the ability to layer on additional data for further analysis.


Our competitive insights are fully configurable – choose the brands and segments that comprise your market view.


View shopping insights across all channels, by regions
and or nationwide.

Cross Shop Insights

  • How often do my customers shop with me?
  • Where else do my customers shop outside of my store?
  • What is the average spend per transaction at my competitors?
  • What percentage of my customers are new vs. returning, and how does that compare to my competitors?
  • What are the shopping behaviors of my loyal customers and how does that compare to customers that are not loyal to me?

Market Share Insights

  • Where else do my customers shop in my category?
  • Where can I grow market share?
  • Which competitors directly influence my market share?
  • Am I gaining market share among key customer segments in select regions?

Customer Migration Insights

  • What percentage of my customers also shop with one or more of my top competitors?
  • On average, how much do my customers spend in a single transaction vs. my competitors?
  • What’s the average spend of my customers vs. my competitors’ customers?
  • What is my YoY retention rate and how does it compare to each of my top competitors?
  • How often do my customers shop with my brand vs. my competitors?

Regional Insights

  • What’s the geographic distribution of my competitors’ customer base?
  • What are the behaviors of my customers when they transact online vs. in store?
  • How does that compare across regions and demographic segments?
  • Where is total spend higher – online or in store?
  • What are the demographic segments that spend the most online vs. in store?

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