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Sales Impact Product Page.jpg

Nothing verifies marketing conversions more than observed purchases.


Nothing verifies marketing conversions more than observed purchases.

Sales Impact

Are you giving credit to the right marketing tactics? Don’t use proxies, measure purchases made by individuals exposed to your campaigns.

Affinity empowers Marketers, their agencies, publishers and media buying platforms to assess the sales impact of campaigns:

Accurately determine marketing spend ROI

Evaluate the effectiveness of marketing tactics and channels

Obtain an omni-channel view of campaign impact on purchase behavior

Inform future campaign strategies with detailed intelligence

What sets us apart

Purchase Data

Observed purchases are tied directly to individuals, proving marketing activity.


Assess sales impact across all channels, rather than one at a time.


Detailed purchase metrics and breakouts can be used to optimize the effectiveness of your tactics.


Breakouts and detailed purchase metrics deliver visibility into effectiveness of tactics

Sales Impact

Our verified individual level purchase data shows the true sales impact of your campaigns.

The 20-40 age group had the greatest impact on sales, spending at the highest rate and shopping an average of 3 times.

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