Precision Marketing (1).jpg
Precision Marketing (1).jpg

When you turn up the value, cardholders turn up the volume.


When you turn up the value, cardholders turn up the volume.

Precision Marketing

Personalize the cardholder experience to optimize your portfolio.

Affinity empowers Banks, Credit Unions, Processors, and other Financial Institutions to influence consumer purchase behavior and drive top of wallet:

Uncover deep insights on your cardholders and their behavior

Identify headroom by cardholder and opportunities to shift share from competitors

Engage cardholders in ways they cannot resist

Increase revenue and prove marketing ROI

What sets us apart


Optimize your portfolio through personalized cardholder experiences across channels

High Value Offers

Increase loyalty with the high value offers consumers love

Flexible Offer Types

Awaken infrequent cardholder segments with flexible offer types


Empirically measure engagement and cardholder spend

The proof is in the results


Increased Offer Activation Rates


Improved Offer Usage Rates


Increased Rewards Earned


Increased Spend

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