We Are the white-label merchant offers platform for nearly all the top payment processors and card networks.

Affinity Solutions’ next-generation Merchant Funded Offers Platform goes well beyond yesterday’s solutions, by delivering richer offers from a broader set of merchants with far greater relevance and personalization, based on cardholder behavior, demographic data, mobile location and the retailer’s own customer data – driving substantial increases in card spend, share-of-wallet, activation, retention and customer lifetime value.  
Cardholders get the offers they want – rich, relevant and timely offers they can’t get anywhere else – where and when they want them in real-time.

Affinity Solutions' advanced technology enables you to deliver high-value offers from participating retailers and other brands to the right consumers, at the right time, through the most effective channel, while providing new levels of insights to participating financial institutions. 

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Our next generation Merchant Funded Offers Platform ensures that all your customers receive relevant retailer offers that:   

  • Come from the largest retailers across a range of retail categories that make up the spending budget of those customers 
  • Are relevant, timely and valuable, and most likely to drive usage and engagement week after week
  • Integrate with an existing loyalty, incentive or card-linked offers programs, with value delivered via statement credit or rewards currency (points, miles or cash back) 
  • Are easily accessible via mobile and digital channels
  • Seamlessly integrate with bank marketing channels (email, online banking, mobile) 

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