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With the largest dataset of U.S. consumer behavior at your
fingertips, go from hoping that your marketing campaign will
work to knowing it will work.

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Affinity Solutions uses real-time data from more than 140 million debit and credit cards to help marketers plan, activate and measure media campaigns with total confidence.


Understand who your customers are, how they spend, and where to find them


Target your audience with precision and strengthen loyalty through deeper engagement


Know how much revenue your campaign generated and how to extract more value out of future campaigns

Unrivaled Data Quality and Accuracy 

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How We’ve Made an Impact

Business Challenge

FuboTV wanted to win-back lapsed customers who had cancelled or not renewed their subscription.


Through Consumer Bank Campaigns, Affinity developed a 7-week campaign that targeted consumers who had not been a customer in last 6 months or who had lapsed out of their subscription in the last 3 months​. Targeted cardholders were offered a $15 rebate for a FuboTV subscription purchase of $20 or more.

Key Outcomes

Win-back subscribers

Incremental ROI

Incremental revenue

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