Affinity’s Purchase Graph: a map of where, when and how consumers shop.


Affinity’s Purchase Graph: a map of where, when and how consumers shop.

How we do it

Affinity’s Purchase Graph houses the anonymized shopping behavior of consumers across brands, categories, and payment devices.

It’s the foundation of our products and services, uncovering Purchase Signals that provide valuable insights and predict future buying behavior.

Financial Institutions

Portfolio insights, targeting, 
high performing offer campaigns


Shopper insights, targeting,


Channel Partners

Develop derivative insights, targeting, data enrichment, algorithm enhancement, 
proof of purchase, ROI measurement

How it’s Made

Daily transaction feed of individual level debit and credit card transactions

Graphed with other data sets – geographic, demographic, behavioral, psychographic and partner data

Proprietary data sciences and machine learning surface the signals of shopping behavior

Signals are packaged into products and solutions that grow market share

What sets us apart

Purchase Data

First party credit and debit transactions received daily


Anonymized individual and household level purchase behavior used in a privacy controlled manner


Proven indicators of purchase behavior effective at driving market share


Derived Purchase Signals are delivered into client’s own environment

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