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Retail and AI: What's In Store For Artificial Intelligence.
Predicting future consumption with machine learning and purchase behavior data.


Full-Funnel Attribution Success: More Than Just ROI. Retail marketers tend to mistake attribution for a one-trick pony—a post-campaign “proof of ROI.” But attribution can be so much more.


Spend Insights

Affinity Solutions Spend Insights provides marketers with a far greater understanding of customers purchase behaviors across competitors, categories, and geographies, including where, when and through what channel those transactions take place— insights which can shape more effective marketing strategies and merchandising decisions.

Buyer Graph

Affinity Solutions Buyer Graph provides marketers with far greater visibility into which individuals are likely to make a relevant purchase, as well as when the purchase may be made. The power of historical purchase activity and analytics makes predictions far more accurate and consistently correlate with actual purchase outcomes—something that no other product can effectively deliver.


Closed Loop Measurement

Closed Loop Measurement offers marketers a closed-loop, turnkey solution that tracks in-store and online purchase behavior after customers are exposed to marketing campaigns. As a result, incremental revenue metrics can be directly attributed to explicit promotional activity, giving marketers the ability to adjust marketing in-flight and across channels.

Company Overview

Affinity Solutions makes all marketing more productive by driving business outcomes for marketers using the power of purchase data and analytics. Through our partnerships with financial institutions, we have real-time and secure access into where and when consumers are spending across brands, categories, geographies, and channels.