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Kantar Shopcom and Affinity Solutions Partner to Offer a Smarter Way for Marketers to Connect and Engage with Customers

We announced a new partnership with Kantar Shopcom that will offer brand marketers and agencies a better way to conduct cross-screen media planning, targeting and closed-loop measurement. This is made possible through the integration of Affinity Solutions’ Purchase-Driven Marketing Cloud, which provides Shopcom with the power to leverage past individual-level purchase data (unlike other solutions offering only aggregated cohort-level purchase data) to help brands and advertisers make future spend predictions, and measure overall sales lift and revenue impact from both in-store and online channels.

“We are thrilled to partner with Affinity Solutions to create and offer the most precise retailer brand digital and mobile solutions in the marketplace,” said Jen Bukich, VP of Strategic Partnerships & Business Development of Kantar Shopcom. “Having the power to understand consumers’ purchase behavior gives advertisers the intelligence to make better decisions and improve marketing spend ROI.”

Kantar Millward Brown is the first partner to use the joint offering. The solution will allow their clients to monitor live campaigns to understand better how the advertising is performing at reaching buyers of their brands. The solution also helps Kantar Millward Brown expand upon existing capabilities that link brand attitudes to sales so that a client can identify the brand metrics that drive sales and optimize in real-time on those metrics.