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Purchase-Driven Marketing Cloud to Deliver New Level of Intelligence and Transparency Between Marketing and Revenue Generation

We are pleased to announce that we have launched our Purchase-Driven Marketing Cloud, which provides key insights from the continuous, real-time discovery of an individual’s purchase patterns online and offline, to identify, reach, and influence likely buyers at their precise ‘moments of choice’, as well as to measure and optimize the sales impact of marketing campaigns. This gives marketers the ability to deliver unique and engaging experiences throughout the customer journey - from discovery to purchase to loyalty - to maximize and increase customer lifetime engagement and value.

By leveraging Affinity Solutions Purchase-Driven Marketing Cloud, a large home improvement national retailer identified and targeted in-market customers planning home renovations within 30 days and witnessed an increase in sales of nearly 87 percent.

“In this highly competitive, data-driven marketing economy, the world is hyper-connected, and consumers are constantly distracted. The sheer magnitude of options for today’s always-on consumer makes it difficult for marketers to get their attention, let alone engage them," said Jonathan Silver, CEO, and founder, Affinity Solutions. “The Affinity Solutions Purchase-Driven Marketing Cloud will help marketers solve the very difficult challenge of bridging their customers' always-on, connected behavior with the offline world.”

The product suite consists of Affinity Solutions Spend Insights, Buyer Graph, and Closed Loop Measurement; and combines machine learning with individual-level (not cohort) purchase-based data to deliver a new world of real-time marketing applications. This enables marketers to zero in on the potential customers most likely to buy their products in the near term, as well as generate the highest proven ROI directly attributable to explicit marketing actions.  Through real-time API access, the product suite can be seamlessly integrated into existing media buying, marketing intelligence, and CRM applications, empowering marketers to serve relevant marketing communications and promotional offers to prospective customers throughout their buying journey and across all channels.