Several years ago we set out on a journey to significantly expand the scope of our services to marketers and others whose businesses can benefit from real-time insights into the buying patterns of US Consumers.

Since the founding of Affinity, we've delivered the benefits of our unique data access, powerful analytics, secure and scalable technology platform, and powerful ecosystem partnerships to financial institution clients (in the form of loyalty marketing programs) and select retailers (in the form of targeted campaigns, largely delivered through channels associated with those bank loyalty programs).

A bit more than a year ago, we launched our Data Analytics as a Service ("DAaaS") suite of products. The idea? To provide the power of precision-marketing, leveraging consumer data and analytics to improve marketing and other business outcomes well beyond the circumscribed world of bank loyalty programs. More recently, we've invested in the building out of our "Marketing Cloud" team in California's Silicon Valley to lead the development of our next generation technology platform, and associated analytics and machine learning suite.

A key part of our DAaaS strategy is to focus, and indeed deliver, its power though working relationships with partners serving the end user markets we look to help. Those include integrators, specialty data analytics firms, marketing service providers, consultancies, marketing agencies, and more. This "Power Everyone" mindset and strategy is intended to allow us to focus sharply on what we do best, and to leverage complementary capabilities via partnerships with firms that have aligned interests, capabilities, and strategies.

This sets up a win/win/win: customers get great value across a wide variety of use cases and business sectors, our partners leverage capabilities that we uniquely bring to them, and Affinity grows in a focused and successful manner.

It's not only our business strategy that's partner-centric. So is our technology platform—designed as it is around open API standards and provisions for easy exchange of data and analytic outcomes. Of course, all of this is accomplished with the strictest focus on information security and privacy.

Early on in the introduction of DAaaS to new markets, we'll routinely engage with end user customers, for example in retailing. Later, our plans are to bring our DAaaS solutions forward principally via our partnership arrangements with companies in categories as outlined above.

Whether you're an end user, or a prospective partner, and looking to learn more, please contact us, and we'll dive into much great detail about your specific interests and needs, and our capabilities.