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Gain personalized retail intelligence insights from the powerhouse behind the CNBC/NRF Retail Monitor.

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Keeping a pulse on retail trends is imperative for understanding the market’s heartbeat. Stay ahead with Consumer Purchase Insights, the engine behind the National Retail Federation (NRF) and CNBC Retail Monitor.

Consumer Purchase Insights gives you a competitive edge, delivering tailored insights into where customers shop, how your brand stacks against competitors, and what drives loyalty or churn. Our solution harnesses the power of nearly 9 billion annual credit and debit card transactions, enriched with demographic and behavioral patterns, informing strategies for market share growth, customer loyalty, and optimized marketing returns.

In a retail arena that demands agility, ensure your strategy evolves as quickly as consumer trends. Schedule a demo and unlock retail intelligence to propel your brand to new heights.

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Why Leading Retailers Trust Affinity’s
Consumer Purchase Insights

Complete Coverage

Purchase data is captured across all spend categories, channels, geographies, and demographics

Deeper Insights

A range of spend lift metrics provide insights into consumer behavior and competitors

Near Real-Time Results

Measurement results are updated daily and available 24/7



Matthew Shay, CEO of the National Retail Federation (NRF)

“The CNBC/NRF Retail Monitor will provide comprehensive, granular and timely insights that measure monthly retail sales and gauge the state of the retail industry, the consumer and the broader economy. It will modernize how retail sales are tracked and measured, and Affinity Solutions’ vast dataset of how, what and where the consumer is spending will identify how key demographics and channels are performing for the industry generally and for specific retail sectors.”

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